December 10, 2018 08:14 AM BLOG

Every year I took pictures of this sweet family, I would pass the most amazing bridge on my way to their house. They live on a sweet little farm and it was the perfect setting for our last session. I dreamed of photographing this bridge for years until mom asked me if we could do our session there this year. I was looking forward to this all fall! The light was dreamy and was even more amazing than I could have imagined!

family of 5 standing on a bridge huddled together {Mooresville photo session}

little brother hugging two older sisters {Mooresville photo session}

man embracing his wife while smiling {Mooresville photo session}

mom and dad hugging their three children {Mooresville photo session}

parents and two sisters smiling at the baby of the family {Mooresville photo session}

woman with her daughter smiling at eachother sitting on a bridge {Mooresville photo session}

little boy smiling at the camera {Mooresville photo session}

husband kissing his wife on the cheek standing on a bridge {Mooresville photo session}

dad holding his young son while sitting on a bridge {Mooresville photo session}

family of five on the most amazing bridge {Mooresville photo session}

November 15, 2018 02:28 PM BLOG

I'm always super flattered when another photographer asks me to take their family photos. We decided to have our session on a Christmas tree farm and I'm so glad we did because we got the picture perfect mixture of autumn's beautiful colors mixed with Christmas trees! It doesn't get much more magical than that! These girls were sweeter than sugar and I loved seeing how different their personalities were. My kiddos are the exact same, so mom and I joked how such different personalities could come from the same mom. Mom did an amazing job with outfits, don't you think?!

parents with two daughters walking while holding hands {lake norman christmas minis}

two sisters smiling at eachother {lake norman christmas minis}

sweeter than sugar girl smiling at the camera {lake norman christmas minis}

family of four sitting in front of autumns beautiful color leaves {lake norman christmas minis}

man and woman embracing on a Christmas tree farm {lake norman christmas minis}

family of four in amazing dressy outfits standing by christmas trees {lake norman christmas minis}

November 9, 2018 09:37 AM BLOG

We had such an amazing time on this dreamy family's farm! When mom asked me to come to her to take photos at their farm, since it was so special to them, I knew I would be in for a treat! There were gorgeous black and white chickens free ranging and I got to see to how beautiful an asparagus plant can be. And we got to play on a tire swing . . . it doesn't get much better than that! While shooting, I was thinking how perfect family farms are for pictures! I would be taking pictures of my kiddos all. the. time if we lived here! This would be a dream for any mom to follow their kids around with a camera! The fall leaves have just started turning here in North Carolina since we have had such warm weather lately and I'm so glad we got to capture a glimpse of it!
family sitting on a couch on their family farm {mooresville fall family photos}

happy family piled on big logs {mooresville fall family photos}

girl being pushed by dad on a tire swing {mooresville fall family photos}

happy family smiling at their baby during sunset {mooresville fall family photos}

mom and dad with two daughters smiling on their farm {mooresville fall family photos}

two happy sisters cuddling on a couch {mooresville fall family photos}

mom with her daughters hugging on their farm {mooresville fall family photos}

happy little girl smiling near asparagus plant {mooresville fall family photos}

mom getting a glimpse of her happy baby {mooresville fall family photos}

happy mom and dad embracing {mooresville fall family photos}

October 18, 2018 07:42 AM BLOG

. . . And baby makes three! I love how this family decided to let this baby's gender be a surprise. She said everyone thought for sure she was having a boy, but she delightfully surprised them. I've been taking this sweet family's pictures since big brother was little! He was all smiles for our session then! I'm seeing the same sweet cheeks between this sweet girl and her big sister's newborn photos.

sweet baby girl swaddled in white fabric {lake norman newborn photography}

newborn babay girl's face and toes {lake norman newborn photography}

closeup of newborn baby lips {lake norman newborn photography}

baby girl surrounded by cotton wreath {lake norman newborn photography}

little baby sister on white background {lake norman newborn photography}

newborn baby with big sister's cheeks {lake norman newborn photography}

9 day old baby girl swaddled with a purple bonnet {lake norman newborn photography}

sleeping one week old baby girl {lake norman newborn photography}

close up of bottom of newborn foot {lake norman newborn photography}

awake newborn looking at the camera {lake norman newborn photography}

sleeping baby being admired by her mom {lake norman newborn photography}

swaddled newborn being snuggled by her mom in front of fall colored foliage {lake norman newborn photography}

big brother and sister looking lovingly at their new baby sister on a blanket in the grass {lake norman newborn photography}

baby makes three with new family of five sitting on blanket outside {lake norman newborn photography}

happy family of five with new baby smiling at the camera {lake norman newborn photography}

October 10, 2018 06:52 PM BLOG

These two sisters share the sweetest bond! I've been photographing them every year ever since the youngest one was just born! It seems just like yesterday they had the cutest cubby cheeks. It's been so special to see them grow and watch their little personalities blossom. They even brought their pup, Scout, along again like they did for our last session. I'm not sure how it's possible, but every year, they get even sweeter! We had so much fun blowing bubbles until the sun went down. 

parents with two daughters sitting in a field {lake norman family photography}

family of four hugging each other {lake norman family photography}

daughter laughing with her dad {lake norman family photographer}

two sisters hugging each other with the sweetest bond {lake norman family photographer}

sisters at sunset looking at each other {lake norman family photographer}

two sisters hugging and smiling at the camera {lake norman family photography}

two girls blowing bubbles and laughing at sunset {lake norman family photography}

7 year old girl smiling at the camera {lake norman family photography}

5 year old girl smiling in a field at sunset {lake norman family photography}

sisters holding hands while walking down a path {lake norman family photography}

two giggling sisters holding each other in the grass {lake norman family photography}

birthday girl laughing at the camera {lake norman family photography}

family pup named Scout in the back of a truck for photo session {lake norman family photographer}

October 10, 2018 06:34 PM BLOG

I had such a fun time playing in the backyard of these brother's lake house. Their dock had this perfect reflective light from the lake and of course we couldn't resist getting in at the end! We got our feet dirty, spotted fish, and had our own little adventure. I just adore little boys! 
two brothers smiling by a fence {lake house photo session}

family of four sitting in their backyard {lake house photo session}

family laughing on the grass {lake house photo session}

little boy smiling on his dock {lake house photo session}

6 year old boy at the lake {lake house photo session}

family on their dock on LKN {lake house photo session}

two brothers playing in lake norman {lake house photo session}

October 6, 2018 05:20 PM BLOG

The last time I photographed this sweet family was when this precious girl was still in her mommy's tummy! Isn't her hair amazing?! We had our session in a beautiful garden this time. Mom said this session was special because she's planning on cutting those baby locks for the first time after we got pictures. Big brother is still as sweet as he was then but this time we got to go treasure hunting in this beautiful garden!

dad kissing daughter in a garden {lake norman family photos}

5 year old boy smiling in front of his mom {lake norman family photos}

mom hugging her son in a garden {lake norman family photos}

family smiling under the sun {lake norman family photos}

brother and sister giggling on steps in a garden {lake norman family photos}

little boy giving his sister a hug {lake norman family photos}

mother and daughter sitting on the ground in a garden {lake norman family photos}

mom with arms wrapped around 4 year old daughter {lake norman family photos)

little girls curly hair over her shoulder {lake norman family photos}

husband and wife in a garden {lake norman family photos}

silhouette of sweet family after sunset {lake norman family photos}


October 23, 2017 06:10 PM BLOG

This is the second time I've photographed this sweet family of five. They snagged one of my Christmas mini sessions and their precious children couldn't be any cuter! They loved running circles around mom and dad. 3 children sitting in front of a christmas wreath {Lake Norman mini sessions}

family of five sitting by barn {lake norman mini sessions}

parents hugging with kids running around {lake norman mini sessions}

little girl smiling for christmas photo {lake norman mini sessions}

dad with 3 children {lake norman mini sessions}

6 year old boy in christmas portrait {lake norman mini sessions}

mom with her children sitting on the ground {lake norman mini sessions}

toddler boy smiling for his christmas portrait {lake norman mini sessions}


October 12, 2017 09:23 AM BLOG

I've been taking these two happy sisters pictures since they were teeny tiny babies. Their birthdays are so close together that we decided to do a combination birthday/family session this year. The flowers were so colorful this time of year and gave us an amazing background. Last year, we pretty much giggled our way through their entire session! And these girls still LOVE being in front of the camera! Their sweet family dog, Scout, joined us this time for the fun.
two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}

two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}

two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}

two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}

two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}

two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}

two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}

two happy sisters {Lake Norman family photos with flowers}


September 30, 2017 10:05 AM BLOG

This adorable family contacted me for some family fall photos. I knew this sweet mama from taking my mamarazzi photo class. The kids had a blast running around and loved snuggling mom and dad. I don;t think I ever saw the smiles stop! family of four - standing by the woods {mooresville fall photographer}

parents with two children - sitting in a field {mooresville family photographer}

two children giving eskimo kisses {mooresville child photographer}

sweet family standing in front of a barn {mooresville fall mini sessions}

7 year old boy with blue eyes {mooresville natural light photographer}

little girl smiling at the camera in front of her family {mooresville fall photos}

mom and dad hugging {mooresville fall family photos}


June 21, 2017 03:19 PM BLOG

I had so much fun on this family's farm for these one year milestone photos. We celebrated by being silly with sisters, picking and eating berries, and finally an outdoor bubble bath! They typically have some kind of babies - ducklings, chicks, or baby pigs running around so I was sure to capture some snuggling! 

one year old boy - sitting in a white chair {lake norman outdoor child photography}

one year old baby - smiling at the camera {lake norman outdoor child photography}

three happy siblings - outside {lake norman kids photography}

brother and two sisters - sitting on a stump {lake norman natural photos}

two little girls smiling - on the family farm {lake norman lifestyle photography}

family of five - smiling on their farm {lake norman outdoor milestone pictures

dad holding a chicken - standing on the farm {lake norman family photos}

chick in mans arms {lake norman photo session}

mom in yellow shirt - on the farm {lake norman outdoor photography}

two ducklings - snuggling on the farm {lake norman milestone images}

happy baby boy - taking an outdoor bubble bath {lake norman child photography}

one year old boy - outside in a blue bathtub {lake norman birthday photos}

outside bubble bath - birthday celebrated {lake norman one year pictures}


February 28, 2017 08:58 AM BLOG

Outdoor photos are my favorite! This sweet baby girl and her momma met me outdoors to do most of her newborn shoot. She was so sweet and loved to be snuggled up next to mom. She is the little sister to the happiest big brother I know! He giggled the entire session when I did their fall family photos.  
sweet baby girl {Mooresville outdoor newborn photography}

sweet baby girl {Mooresville outdoor newborn photography}

sweet baby girl {Mooresville outdoor newborn photography}

sweet baby girl {Mooresville outdoor newborn photography}

sweet baby girl {Mooresville outdoor newborn photography}

sweet baby girl {Mooresville outdoor newborn photography}


January 5, 2017 10:44 AM BLOG

This is my sweet photographer friend and her precious family. We take each other's pictures because we get to have a chance to be in front of the camera and show our children that we were actually present during their childhood (ha!) Her girls are sweet as sugar and loved the snuggle time with mommy. Don't they look like they could be in a  magazine?!sweet as sugar - Mooresville family with two sweet girls photos


January 5, 2017 10:34 AM BLOG

Since I wasn't able to squeeze in the annual Merry & Bright minis this year, I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce Merry & Bright Tree minis! These were the happiest times! Everyone was eager to decorate the tree and read Christmas stories. I love being able to capture these fleeting moments in time for other moms to be able to hold onto forever. They will never be this little at Christmas ever again. 


January 5, 2017 10:29 AM BLOG

Ok so if anyone needs a pup for their portraits, this one was like a little model! I think I may have even caught her smile :) 

January 5, 2017 10:21 AM BLOG

This lucky family has four boys . . . I've always dreamed about a large family myself - imaging how fun future holidays would be when everyone gets together. There is so much love here and these guys kept me entertained the whole time :) 

January 5, 2017 09:57 AM BLOG

There's nothing sweeter than those precious first moments with a new addition. This sweet boy has two brothers to look after him - one being a furry one :) His pup was so gentle with him! I always wonder what those sweet pups think of their new babies :)

January 3, 2017 11:33 AM BLOG

Oh my goodness! This was one of the happiest babies I've ever met! He thinks everything is hilarious and is so happy-go-lucky. We had so much fun and giggled through our whole session. Mom and dad were pretty amazing too :) 

October 6, 2016 01:55 PM BLOG

It all started with doing little sister's newborn session and I've been blessed with photographing them ever since and getting to watch these sweet girls grow up right before my very eyes! Her little personality has just blossomed and I wish I could show y'all all the adorable faces she makes, but if I did, there are so many, it would take up the whole blog! They both love being in front of the camera, not that it's obvious or anything ;) We had so many great belly laughs! Love, love, LOVE them!!!

September 29, 2016 02:55 PM BLOG

This is the second birthday celebration session I've gotten to do for this family. It seems like just yesterday when little miss was turning ONE. Her mom is amazingly talented and made this adorable balloon with streamers on it for her session, and as soon as they arrived to meet me, we all looked up in disbelief as we watched it slowly float away. So this time, she brought along several balloons and we dragged them along with us until it was cake smash time. Big sister pointed up in the sky and said, "balloons!!" and we just smiled and nodded until one of us 4 adults looked up and saw it! We are just not meant to have balloons in our pictures, y'all! At least this time I grabbed a picture of them floating away hahaha! 


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