Mamarazzi 101

Are you a mom with a camera who wants to take better pictures of your kids? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to learn your camera? Are you frustrated that your pictures don't look how you want them to? Do you want to get out of auto but just don't know where to start? 

. . . . . then I have the class for you!

As a mom myself, I know the desire to capture those sweet, fleeting moments of our kiddos. I also understand that mom's don't always have a lot of time - nor want to have to get a sitter and spend time away from our precious families just to attend a mom's photography class for a couple of hours, while spending hundreds of dollars. Mamarazzi 101 is an easy-to-follow course I put together for mom's wanting to capture their kids . . . . in half the time and cost as one of those photography classes you have to leave your house for. I break down all the elements for you in an easy to understand guide so you can learn at home in your pajamas! You also won't walk away feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, like the hours-long classes you attend in-person, because you can take this course at your own pace. 

I've simplified these lessons so you can start doing what you love already - capturing your sweet babies! You'll see before and after examples to help you understand. I share exact camera settings with you for individual pictures and what I did to get that image. You'll learn that you don't have to go to a fancy location to take great photos - I teach you how to capture everyday moments right in your own home! FREE BONUS included: Christmas-tree-picture-settings so you can capture those magical glowing holiday pictures.  

This course is a downloadable PDF. Due to the nature of the product, this course is non-refundable. Download will be made available after payment is received. 

*the following before and after images are from participants who have taken this class.  

R A V E S  &  R E V I E W S

"Crystal Phelps Photography's Mamarazzi 101 class is a MUST for all moms wanting to capture their babies' special moments throughout life. The course content is thoughtfully composed and strategically laid out with fantastic graphic learning aides, examples, camera setting teachings and tips. This class is valuable regardless of your photography capabilities. If you're a momma just picking up your camera for the first time - you will learn the basics and so, so, so much more. Or if you're a momma who has been snapping pictures for years, but struggles with lighting and would love to try to shoot in manual mode - this class is calling your name. Or if you're a seasoned mamarazzi who is always on point to capture everything for everyone but would love to snag those professional tips and secrets - this class is a present to yourself (and potentially your career). Crystal Phelps has wowed us again, but this time it is with her teaching skills and not her magical pictures (although they are integrated throughout the course in examples)!! I can only hope that Crystal creates a Mamarazzi 101 Editing Class next." - Sarah G.

"Crystal's Mamarazzi class is the best beginner photography class I've seen. She gives clear and concise information for taking professional quality photos without overwhelming you with too much to learn. She gives specific details and examples that work for the every day mom. The handouts are perfect to bring with you as a quick reference to ease the stress of remembering what you've been told in a  lecture style class. I feel confident to use the steps I've learned in this class right away without having to spend hours perfecting my skills. The print out and Christmas lighting bonus alone makes this worth it! Thank you!" - Patricia W.

"OMG! Your class was LIFE CHANGING for me!! Thank you Thank you! Thank you! I'm taking product pictures today, which was always hard for me. Well, now that I'm using everything I've learned in your class, I have practically perfect photo! I'm using my editing program just to enhance the color a bit. You have no idea how much editing I used to do! Crystal's Mamarazzi 101 Class is a great way to learn how to use your DSLR camera to take better photos! She does a great job of explaining photography terms so you can actually understand them, unlike other classes I've previously taken. She provides examples of photos she's taken and gives you all the settings she used which was REALLY helpful to see how to apply what she taught. This class has drastically improved my photos! Thank you Crystal!" - Stephanie M.

" Reading my manual gives me good information, but Crystal takes the core concepts of photography and explains them clearly, allowing me to put the concepts to use right away. I'm no longer afraid or overwhelmed by the terms but ready to put this knowledge to work!" - Jill S.

"I'm a visual learner and the presentation & instructions were right up my alley. The step by step instructions is exactly what I needed to take those "moment" pictures of my kids. I am now excited to get to shooting those special moments!" - Kim N.

"Wonderful, conversation-style approach. Informative, without being over-technical. Great inclusion of Nikon and Canon info. specific to cameras. Wonderful inclusion of varying settings and 'what went wrong' examples. The inclusion of tips and professional insight is extremely valuable and helpful. Advice is given from not only a professional stand point, but from a mom's. Great resource with which accessories work best and recommendations on which to try first and why. You can clearly tell Crystal has not only lived the 'tips' as a mom, but as a pro who has done the leg work research. Worth the investment!" - Tiffany E.

"The best thing about Crystal is her passion & love for photography. She understands what it's like to be a mom and what kind of pictures parents want of their kids. She dumbs down the complexity of photography so someone who doesn't know what ISO is or aperture can understand how it affects a photo." - Julie P.

"Crystal takes the complex world of photography and breaks it down into a simple, easy to follow class that can help anyone take wonderful pictures of their children. I love the simple diagrams and tips and tricks. Crystal shows photo examples with mistakes we all make today along with the correct settings to fix it - exactly what I need!" - Allison O.

"I loved this mamarazzi class! There is wonderful information and tips to get better photos of your family and friends. You will understand your camera better and feel more confident capturing those moments. Also, the Christmas bonus is awesome!" - Shelly B.

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