"Crystal Phelps photography is unlike any other family photographer in the Charlotte area... she has such passion and excitement for her craft, and it absolutely shines through in the way she captures these special moments.  She has a gift for making everyone feel at ease and has an incredible sense of patience with little ones who just refuse to be still - but she always gets the most perfect pictures!  Not only do her photos blow me away...  I can't imagine trusting anyone else to capture these special years as our kids grow."  Jenny S.

"Where do I BEGIN..... We truly LOVE Crystal, she is so much fun when doing a session! The energy is so radiant and it shows through her pictures. She always has some sort of "surprise" during her sessions. It's funny because I have used A LOT of photographers and I always find myself comparing to her."  Ashley P. 

"Crystal has a magical way of capturing the very heart of my family. I will never forget how she took extra care to catch my six month old's adorable, just-for-mama open mouth kisses. I had never mentioned to Crystal how special the kisses were to me! But instinctively she knew that the kisses were both precious and fleeting. Every time I look back on those sweet images I am transported back to little-baby days. I am so grateful to Crystal for giving me a way to preserve that moment, and so many, many others."  Courtney G.

"I don't think I can put into words how amazing your photography of my girls always turns out.  You literally bring tears to my eyes when I receive the pics and see how beautifully you capture my girls.  You have an amazing gift to make them smile and put them at ease so they behave and look their best.  Your vision for each session is always so unique and creative and has never let me down.  I'm so glad that I chose you to capture Averey's newborn pics because from there, we have been in love with your art of photography!  I can't wait until my girls get older and really enjoy the smiles, giggles, and love you capture with every picture!  Thanks for being so amazing!!!!"  Julie P.

"Crystal, thank you so much for all the beautiful images you have captured of our family over the past two years. Not only are you able to create lasting keepsakes to help us remember McKinney as she grows, but you have always been able to capture her growing personality as well. Years from now we will be able to look back and remember more than what she looked like, we will be able to remember her spirit. Thank you for freezing little moments of her life that we will be able to keep forever."  April S.

"Crystal, we cannot thank you enough for capturing such beautiful pictures of our children/family. The children felt so comfortable and at ease with you and it shows in the pictures. We appreciate your patience and kindness towards them. We look forward to working with you again!!"  Maria P.

"Crystal is able to capture my children in motion and make it into memory that will last a lifetime. No one else is able to capture that special moment in time like she can . . . She has a gift and that gift keeps giving to me every time I walk in a room and see my kids faces over the fireplace."  Heather L.

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